DB 202 (AUG) 2:0

General Biology


Biology and the natural sciences

Growth of biological thought

Matter and life

Origin of life

History of life on earth

Bacteria and Protists

Fungi and other primitive plants

Seed bearing plants

Animals without backbones

Insects, Vertebrates, Phylogeny and Systematics

Mechanisms of Evolution

Chemical basis of life

Cellular basis of life

Selected topics in plant and animal physiology

Selected topics in plant and animal ecology

Selected topics in sensory biology and neurobiology

Behavioral ecology and sociobiology

Biological diversity on earth


Molecular versus Organismal approaches to solving problems in Science

Peter Medawar (1984). Pluto’s Republic: Incorporating The Art of the Soluble and Induction and Intuition in Scientific Thought

D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson (1942). On Growth and Form (Edited and Abridged by John Tyler Bonner, 1992)

EC 302 (AUG) 2:1

Plant-Animal Interactions

Ecology, Behaviour and Evolution


The sensory biology of the interaction between plants, their animal mutualists and parasites: vision, chemoreception, olfaction and multimodal signalling

Energetics of plant–animal interactions

Nectar, floral and vegetative scents and pollen chemistry

Stable isotopes in the study of plant–animal interactions

Mate choice in plants

Evolution of floral and fruit traits

Phenotypic plasticity and inducible defenses in plants

Behavioural and physiological processes in generalist and specialist herbivores, pollinators and seed dispersers

Co-evolutionary dynamics of symbiosis, mutualisms and arms races

Chittka, L. and Thompson, J. D. (Eds.), Cognitive Ecology of Pollination — Animal Behaviour and Floral Evolution. Cambridge University Press, 2001.

D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson (1942). On Growth and Form (Edited and Abridged by John Tyler Bonner, 1992)